NCC Cyber Security Services

PEN Tests, Risk management and more..

In today’s threat landscape understanding the risks your organisation and customers are exposed to is more important than ever.

NCC Group world leading experts use their unrivalled knowledge to fight the threats that you face every day. With  technical depth and strategic vision, NCC Group are best placed to help organisations identify, assess, mitigate and respond to the risks they face.

NCC Group Certification


• ISO 27001 

• Cyber Essentials 

• IT Health Check 




Penetration testing & security assessments

NCC Group tests are performed by experienced specialists who have a wealth of knowledge in diverse IT disciplines including policy, design, implementation and development. We have a reputation for professional expertise and conduct that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

With one of the largest penetration testing teams in the world, our team of experts provide sound advice and practical assistance to multinational organisations around the globe.

• Penetration testing
• Full spectrum attack simulation
• Secure coding review 

Managed detection & response

Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) is becoming an industry standard term for a range of complementary services and technologies that move beyond traditional protective monitoring and security device management by a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

MDR Services focus on 24/7 monitoring, threat detection and a rapid cyber incident response.

Using the unique combination of our experts from our Cyber Defence Operations team and Security Operations Centres (SOC), alongside technical innovations and our threat intelligence capabilities.

• 24/7 SOC operations that deliver network monitoring & advanced SIEM analytics
• Expert threat intelligence
• Advanced full network packet capture & threat detection solutions
• Vulnerability scanning & monitoring
• Hunter teams, proactively looking for new & emerging threats
• Global cyber incident response team
• Advanced in-house forensic investigation & malware analysis skills 

Vulnerability discovery & management

NCC Group portfolio of vulnerability detection and management services delivers rapid detection, monitoring and remediation of deep-seated vulnerabilities within external and internal systems as well as proprietary and bespoke applications.

Tens of thousands of endpoints, multiple networks, custom written applications, billions of lines of code and blurred lines between public and private access all have the ability to introduce unknown vulnerabilities into a network. It's these that cause the biggest risk as they can leave you with a false sense of security and an attacker with a powerful foothold into the very heart of your organisation's sensitive data. NCC Group Vulnerability Management services provide organisations with powerful capabilities to help identify unknown vulnerabilities in internal and external systems.

• Web App Scanning
• Security Monitoring
• Secure Internal Scanning
• DDoS Assured
• PCI ASV Scanning
• User Driven Vulnerability Scanning 

Compliance & accreditations

The information security landscape is constantly evolving and with it, the legislative and regulatory frameworks that you must comply with.

NCC Group provide a series of assessments and reviews designed to achieve the necessary level of assurance to meet both government and industry compliance standards.

NCC Group deliver a systematic and strategic approach, essential in the modern compliance landscape.

• ISO 27001
• Cyber Essentials
• IT Health Check
• Audit services 

Risk management

In today’s cyber security landscape, ensuring compliance & strong governance is more important than ever
• What happens when you need to demonstrate the integrity of your security and compliance practices?
• How do you manage increasing numbers of required or recommended certifications?
• What happens if you are suddenly required to meet a new set of security standards?
• How do you manage the process of testing and verifying your compliance?
• We deliver a systematic and strategic approach, covering all aspect of information risk management.

Key Features
• Continual compliance management available.
• Expert help and advice from experienced staff.
• PCI qualified security assessor & approved scanning vendor.
• ISO 27001 accredited organisation.
• Green light CHECK accredited company. 

Products & cloud services

NCC Group has developed a number of products and cloud solutions to provide our customers with best in class security solutions. Products include:

Piranha: A phishing simulation tool to help organisations identify where weaknesses lie and how they can improve their defences.

Domain Intelligence: Monitors the Internet to spot potential abuse against brand names, alerting users to any domains which are being purchased that could potentially be used for fraudulent purposes such as phishing and domain squatting.

Information Security Software: Helps maintain your database security.

GatewayCrypt: One of the first cloud encryption gateway products capable of storing protectively marked data.

DDI: Provides organisations with the ability to monitor DDI at the packet level, offering unmatched visibility and insight into these core network services.

DDoS Secure: A dynamic solution that continually monitors and logs all inbound and outbound network traffic using its unique algorithm.

Technology solutions

The proliferation of cyber-attacks over the past decade has ensured that many companies and government organisations are now fully aware of the dangers to which they are exposed. The growth of the Internet has meant that cyber-attacks represent a borderless challenge to security operators, who must now find solutions that are successful within the entire cyber domain, rather than a specific tangible location. As well as the ever-increasing frequency of attacks, the threat landscape has changed dramatically in the past years emphasising the need for defence-in-depth.

A new strategy is needed in cyber security, one that embraces all aspects of an organisation; its people, its process and its security technology. A multiple sensor approach is needed that does not rely on a single technology or alert, that is integrated in both detection and response, which minimises false positives to a level where the appetite for automation means a significant reduction in both detection and response times, and a reduced attack life cycle. One that also gives you complete visibility pre, during and post attack, which allows you to learn and adapt.

NCC Group offers a multi-layered approach to protecting companies from cyber threats and helping to maintain network availability and resilience while providing visibility and insight across the IT infrastructure. We work with you to not only identify the optimum technologies for your organisation’s requirements, but also use them to the best advantage, supported by expert services teams.

• Defence in depth
• Core network services
• Performance analytics
• Security & data analytics 

Threat intelligence

NCCGroup expert threat intelligence services provide information on which threat actors are out there, what their intent is and which tactics, techniques and procedures they use to execute attacks.

Through both human and technical information gathering we take raw data and information from a variety of sources and turn it into strategically, tactically or operationally valuable information for your organisation.

NCC group can help you build confidence and develop an understanding of your current capabilities, along with the threats and vulnerabilities you face with the goal of developing a cyber-resilient organisation.


• Open Source Intelligence collection and analysis on personnel, threat actors or organization related data / information.
• Darkweb Intelligence collection and analysis to support organization defensive operations.
• Cyber Intelligence collection and analysis on emerging indicators of compromise or threat actor behaviour.


The ability to consume threat intelligence can bring many benefits, namely:

• Insight into of threats and associated risk faced by the enterprise
• General threat landscape and horizon understanding
• Internet exposure understanding
• Breach identification
• Breach prevention
• Fraud and theft minimisation
• Personnel/asset protection and risk minimisation 

Specialist practices

NCC Group has a number of specialist practices across the business. These practices bring together the extensive offerings across the business into dedicated practices, utilising industry specific experts to provide the very best solutions to our customers.

• Transport assurance
• Cryptography services
• Bug bounty
• Secure Development Lifecycle
• Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) due diligence
• Hardware security


With a proven track record for providing security consultancy for businesses around the world, NCC Group offer a wide range of services that help organisations build robust cyber security strategies, including a full programme of cyber security training.

NCC Group have invested in dedicated training facilities and offer recognised training courses that are run by experienced and qualified professionals to provide vital introduction to products and services, in order for you to make the most of your investment. NCC Group offer a number of options to fit your schedule such as bundled courses or dedicated training at our facility or your offices.

Training experts from NCC Group have hands-on experience within real world environments. They will be able to impart knowledge that goes beyond text books and training materials in order to help you make the best use of your people and technology.

• Cyber defence operations
• Application security
• Specialist training
• Platform partners
• Cyber security awareness 

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