Log management

Imagine being able to search for information through logs across all your monitored systems with a single mouse click

Forget about formats, parsing or strict definitions.

It supports Linux, Windows and Unix alike.

It supports any plain-text log from any application.

Research through your logs with intuitive and simple searches.

Simple to retrieve, it does not require installing intermediate software, or redirecting your logs through the network.

Investigate logs with intuitive search filters and lightning-fast performance, visualize them on beautiful Kibana dashboards.

Your data will remain yours. 100% on-premise local storage.

Scale according to your needs. You may expand storage capacity as you need.

From any source. Any location. Any format. Any size. Grab Windows system events, text logs, syslog, etc. Search on our custom Elastic: dates, strings and source. 

Use regexp to generate data modules from raw data. Forget templating, XML, modelling, topology and other complexities.

How does our log monitoring work?

Pandora FMS agents integrate a log collector that works in parallel to monitoring, reusing your entire infrastructure. You will be able to collect logs in text files and Windows events on any of the machines you already monitor, effortlessly, with the same license and without having to install anything additional.

Generate alerts from Expressions

Affordable storage for your logs

The type of storage to save logs in Pandora FMS is very affordable compared to other similar tools. With Pandora FMS you will save money on long-term storage. The Enterprise license already covers this feature, you will only have to allocate more storage on your servers.

Search for information easily

You won’t need to be a data scientist or normalize information in a complicated set of templates. Search for strings or patterns using regular expressions, and save your searches.
It’s as simple as it sounds!

Unlimited reports

You will be able to search and display reports of the data you collect.

Export data for audit requirements and show reports to your superiors with the data you need.

Receive automatic notifications

Thanks to the advanced correlation alerts that will search through your logs for certain patterns in time windows and custom data sources.

PandoraFMS features map



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